Online Backup in Australia

For improved efficiency, security and service, CyberSecure Online Backup uses only data storage centres based in Australia. Use our free trial to back up your data in Australia right now.

Until recently, data backup for most businesses - if it happened at all - relied on daily or weekly recording onto backup tapes or drives. As anyone who has used this type of system knows, it is notoriously unreliable.

A few years ago, online backup started to become more readily available. The possibility of reliable data backup to an offsite location became, for many, a more affordable choice. But there was still a problem: most of these online backup services used data centres which were not located in Australia but, rather, were located in the United States or some other country. In 2011, this is still the case.

Online backup based offshore creates a number of potential problems:
  • Naturally, the further away your data is stored, the slower your backups will be. More importantly, recovery will also be slower should you need to restore all or part of your data.
  • For major "whole system" recovery, there is little potential for rapid recovery using a copy of your system restored to a portable hard drive. Recovery could take a week or more. (How much would that cost your business?)
  • Service and support are not based in Australia and are not optimised for the local business environment.
  • Similarly, backup software and system design is not built to suit the unique requirements of the Australian environment.

When CyberSecure started in 2003, our goal was to provide the best online backup service for businesses based in Australia. To do that, we set out to use data storage facilities located right here in Australia. In 2011, our online backup does just that, using leading edge data storage facilities based exclusively here in Australia.

By choosing CyberSecure as your online backup provider, your data will be stored in Australia. You gain these benefits:
  • Faster, more efficient offsite backup every time to secure data centres based in Australia.
  • Fast access to your files if recovery is needed, including access to courier delivery of all your data on an external hard drive. This will drastically improve your restoration time in the case of a major data loss.
  • Local telephone and online support from people who understand the Australian business environment.
  • Access to backup software and processes designed specifically for a local environment.